“I would recommend anyone to Mackenzie. She is very easy to talk to and she really does care. Lovely!”

“Mackenzie Has helped me so much. She is never judgmental!”

“I spent years suffering from mental health issues. I visited my family practitioner for years and although he tried to help me, after finding Mackenzie, I can’t even express how important it is to have someone that works specifically in mental health. Mackenzie is welcoming, kind, understanding and truly cares about her patients. The service she brings to this rural area is absolutely vital. So glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and started seeing Mackenzie.”

“Mackenzie Has helped me so much. She is never judgmental!”

‘Mackenzie is fantastic. I have been seeing her for a couple of weeks and I am making progress. If you are struggling with your mental health make an appointment. She really does care!!!’

‘She actually listens, cares, and is much more knowledgeable than other psychiatrists I have seen in the past. She is truly helping me and I would highly recommend’

“Mackenzie is fantastic!!! I would recommend anyone to her.”

“We absolutely love Enlightenment Psychiatry! Highly recommend.”

“Mackenzie is more knowledgeable than any other psychiatrist I have worked with. I’ll be working with her for a long time! Highly recommended”

“Mackenzie is very down to Earth and super friendly, she is easy to open up to and makes me feel right at home. I enjoy working with her very much. We would highly recommend her to anyone that has psychiatric needs as well as med management.”

“I feel like there is hope now. You are the best that I ever talked to! You never demean me. You make my feelings feel legit.”

“Mackenzie has been a blessing to our family. Our Daughter sees Mackenzie for anxiety related issues, and Mackenzie has taken what we call a “well rounded” approach to helping our daughter. She focus not only on the use conventional medicines, but also suggests and helps us with alternative ways to approach anxiety. We really appreciate that Mackenzie not only focuses on medicines, but also vitamins, physical activity and grounding techniques to help cut through the scary things in life.”

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